Weight Management for your Cat

Although cats are natural experts at managing their weight they can also get overweight. Being obese can contribute to many health complications for your cat. For example, being overweight will expose your cat to higher risks of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or worse, even cancer. You can avoid these by problems by managing the amount of food you give her. Try to be conscientious when feeding and avoid giving her table scraps all the time. Another way is to introduce an exercise program in her routine. This will help burn extra calories that she may be taking in. It can be difficult to motivate her so you can let her play with some toys instead. Use toys that will stir your cat’s hunting instincts. Small balls, laser pointers, and even tethered lures will get her going. While it may be difficult for your cat to lose weight you may feed her specially formulated feed stuff that can help in weight management at the same time making her feel full. Your veterinarian Frisco, TX will have good information about your cat’s nutrition so do consult with them. Visit their profile to learn more.


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