Feeding Pet Cats -- Pros and Cons Of Wet Food

Many cat parents prefer to give wet food or canned pet food for the furballs. If you are still wondering if wet food is right for your pet, here are the pros and cons to help you decide. 

Pros of wet food

  • It contains a higher amount of water which is great for pets with finicky drinking habits as well as older or cats with pre-existing health issues. It can also help promote hydration during hot weather. 
  • It has a stronger smell and distinct taste which makes the food appealing to cats that are ill. Like humans, a cat’s sense of smell and appetite can be affected when they are sick. 

Cons of wet food

  • It can easily spoil thus what you put on your pet’s food bowl should be consumed immediately. 
  • The strong smell can invade the entire house 
  • Less economical compared to kibbles. 
  • Pets on a pure wet food diet have higher risks of developing tooth and gum problems because wet food sticks to the teeth and gums.

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