Corneal Ulcers And Other Common Eye Problems In Dogs

Eye problems in dogs cannot be taken for granted. Without early diagnosis and proper treatment, they can lead to vision problems and even blindness. Corneal ulcers can occur when the cornea or that shiny surface of the eye becomes scratched or damaged. Unfortunately, the defects are not always visible without the use of special ophthalmic instruments. Without treatment, ulcers in the cornea can cause the complete perforation of the eye surface which can lead to blindness. 

Another common eye issue in dogs is increased tear production. Technically, it’s referred to as ‘epiphora’. Affected dogs often have ‘tear-stained’ fur around the eyes as a result of constant wetting. 

Cataracts in dogs is characterized by opacity of the eyes. This can be an age-related issue in senior dogs, but it can also be caused by diabetes mellitus. A complete medical examination by your veterinarian Plano, TX can help determine if there is a need of surgery. For more information, click here.


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