Why your dog always wants some of your food

Your canine companion always seems to be on the lookout for new and different things to munch on, which often leads her to your food. Why is she always interested in getting a bite of your meal?

Your dog is a part of your family an she trusts you immensely. This isn’t just when it comes to meeting her needs, but also simply in your general choices. If you are eating something, she thinks it will be tasty and wants to have a bite to enjoy it with you. She is always in the mood for a treat, and your food will often look and smell a lot different than her own, making it rather appealing to her. She also knows that you care about her deeply, so she feels that you may let her have some if she makes her desires known. Your local vets Lewisville, TX can help you care for the pets in your home. To know more, visit


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