What to Know Before Bringing a Malinois Home

If you’re planning to adopt or purchase a Belgian Malinois, make sure you talk with your vet and fellow dog enthusiasts to find out all you can about this breed. The main thing is to make sure you can handle this breed because of their vast size, intelligence, and need for constant training. The Mal as it’s sometimes called has razor scissor like teeth, a strong jaw, and a solid build which makes him the ideal canine for military and law enforcement agencies. The Malinois is a crime fighting, bomb sniffing, all around guard dog. He can be a family dog, but he needs daily exercise, constant training, and a job to keep him busy and out of trouble. If you can’t provide any of that then you may want to look at a different breed of canine. Click here or call your veterinary clinic Huntersville, NC.


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