The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Farmer Hero

The Bernese Mountain dog is a working dog, but he’s also known as a mighty rescue dog. This canine breed is thought to be more than 2,000 years old. Some experts believe the Mastiff canines of the Roman empire were bred with the Swiss herding mountain dogs to create the Bernese. The Bernese Mountain dog is a member of the mountain dog family with his trade mark coat colors of black, white and rust colors. He stands out with his long silky coat and large muscular legs. He was designed for the rough terrain and cold temperatures. He was also designed to pull a cart with loads of farm produce or equipment. In fact, it’s the Bernese Mountain dog that’s credited with helping keep the farming in the central Bernard Canton of Switzerland alive. Farmers relied heavily on these canines and their cart pulling ability to help ease the load. Your veterinary clinic Cornelius, NC can tell you more about this amazing breed. 


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