Hairballs in Cats

Don’t be surprised to see your cat coughing up a hairy ball of fur. This is a common phenomenon among our feline friends. Hairballs, as they’re usually referred to, are strands of hair ingested and accumulated inside our cat’s stomach. These usually occur in cats because of their extensive grooming habits. Cats with hairballs will usually be constipated. They may also vomit from time to time and a significant decrease in appetite may also be observed. Responsible pet owners should be keen on these manifestations. Hairballs have also been known to get stuck in the cat’s small intestine and this can cause a lot of life-threatening problems for your pet. You may prevent this by routinely brushing your pet’s hair to remove dead or loose hairs before you cat can ingest them while grooming.  Bring your cat to the nearest vet clinic Ellicott City MD if there is frequent regurgitation of hairballs and other symptoms. 


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