Right Diet For Rabbits

An incorrect diet in rabbits, one that contains low fiber with high quantity carbohydrates, is an important predisposing factor of tooth and gum problems, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, and behavior issues. A rabbit’s digestive system is designed to digest fiber efficiently. Fiber is also needed to maintain healthy teeth. Their teeth never stops growing throughout their lifetime thus the need for an abrasive diet. A diet that is high in fiber coupled with the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients can help promote healthy teeth and gums. Chewing on hay and high quality grass can help correct the length and shape of their teeth. In fibrous food is inadequate or there is a calcium-phosphorus imbalance in their diet, their teeth can grow too long, causing a change in shape and development of spikes and spurs that can be very painful and uncomfortable. Your pet rabbit will benefit from regular dental checks at your professional pet clinic Columbia MD


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