How To Update Your Pet’s Microchip Details

Microchips in pets are now considered to be the most reliable form of pet identification. Unlike dog tags and collars, microchips don’t get lost as they are embedded under the skin of pets. A microchip applicator is used to place the chip just below the animal’s skin, in between their shoulder blades. 

Many reputable breeders now have their puppies fitted with a microchip before they are brought to their forever homes. Many rescue shelters are also doing it. If you just brought home a new puppy with a microchip, you need to change the pet owner contact details in the microchip company’s database. Here are the steps to follow when changing your pet’s microchip details:

  • Know the name of the microchip company and make sure it’s on all microchip document/s that you hold. 
  • Contact the microchip company to find out with database holds your pet’s unique microchip number. If you have no idea about the microchip’s manufacturer or its number, make an appointment with your Pet clinic Anderson IN so your pet can be brought in to be scanned for the microchip number. 
  • Once you have the company’s name and the specific database, you can now fill up a form which is available in each database and change your details. Be sure to keep your details updated whenever there are changes in your phone number, address, etc. 


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