Applying Group Scent to Make your Cats Sociable

It may come as a surprise that our home cats display aggressive behavior towards each other even though they practically live under the same roof. This is not an uncommon behavior. When cats don’t have a common scent, they tend to be aggressive towards each other. The best way to address this is by combing all your cats with the same brush so they share the same scent. Introduce this practice gently, as cats can get uncomfortable. Remember to make the grooming a routine. The practice can be done 2-3 times daily with 4-10 strokes rotating the order on which cat should go first and last. Make sure to brush right on your cat’s rib cage, head, shoulders, and neck. Don’t remove the hair from the brush. This further reinforces scent transfer. Let her take a whiff of the brush. If she’s relaxed then that means she’s fine with the scent.Don’t forget to give them treats to reinforce the behavior. This makes them more sociable and more tolerant of each other. This helps to create a more positive environment for your cats as they perceive common scent as belonging to the same group. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should warrant an appointment with your animal hospital Gresham, OR sooner rather than later.


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