Distinct Features Of A Sphynx Cat

Contrary to popular notion, Sphynx cats are not really devoid of hair. If you touch its skin, you will see the soft fine hairs that feel like chamois or suede. You will also find that its skin color is the same as that of its fine hairs thus they still have distinct color markings and patterns found in other cats. The breed’s lack of hair coupled with their pixie face, wrinkled skin, potbelly, and giant ears gives these cats an exotic alien appearance. Sphynx cats rarely have any whiskers. 

They may have lesser than normal hair compared to other cats but their grooming needs can be more challenging and generally includes a weekly bath and cleaning of the ears. Since their ears are almost bald, dirt can easily build up around them. Use an ear cleaner and Q-tips to clean the area.Normally, the hairs readily absorb the oil produced by the skin. The lack of hair results in the accumulation of oil on the skin. Using a mild shampoo will help remove the oil, dust and dander which has accumulated on the cat’s skin surface. With only a few eyelashes, dirt can also build up in the corners of the eyes. Use a damp washcloth to clean these areas every day.

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