Mouth Rot in Turtles

If you are a first time turtle owner then you may want to talk to your vet about mouth rot. This is a very common occurrence in reptiles including turtles, lizards, and snakes. Mouth rot is also known as stomatitis. Stomatitis refers to an inflammation of the mouth or the oral cavity. The condition generally appears as inflammation or small hemorrhages on the gums or as excessive amounts of mucus in the mouth that may contain blood or pus. Lesions and hemorrhages could also appear on the inside edge of the turtle’s lip area. One of the first things you may notice in a turtle with mouth rot is that he holds his mouth open as though he’s trying to breathe through his mouth. This is typically because of the mucus. Mouth rot is often a result of another illness. However, it may develop due to poor living conditions, malnutrition or stress. Consult with your animal hospital Pasadena MD about treatment.


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