Tips To Improve Your Finicky Cat's Appetite

Cats are notorious for being finicky. This trait extends to the choices of food, the litter box, scratching post, toys, etc. If your cat has a finicky appetite, here are some tips to encourage him to finish his meal: 

  • Give your cat something to look forward to every mealtime. This reinforces the desire of your cat to eat on schedule. Always remember that establishing a routine for your cat is beneficial, they’re creatures of habit after all. Avoid making any changes to your cat’s mealtime schedule. Skipping a mealtime can cause some loss of appetite. 
  • Keep your cat’s meal place a place of zen. Make it free from any disturbance. Cats can get very sensitive about things around them, especially when they’re eating.

Pet nutrition is a tricky subject so don’t forget to consult your local veterinarian Gresham, OR for any of your pet’s nutritional concerns. 


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