Can You Read Your Dog's Body Language?

A dog's body language is a very subtle and special form of communication. 

Although the dog's body language is weird to many people especially those who don't like or own dogs, dog owners find it easier to understand what their pets are trying to convey. A dog's body language is a means for them to communicate their feelings to others. 

Just like humans, dogs can show various emotions too: boredom, sadness, happiness, fear, as well as anger and excitement. You'd be able to see these emotions through their body language, like the twitching of your dog's ears, the position as well as the movement of the tail, eye movement, and position of the body. Animal behaviorists have learned that animals in the wild use body language to communicate as well. 

If your dog is showing weird body language or behavior you've never seen before, it would be wise to bring your pet to the nearest animal clinic Portland, OR. Schedule an appointment today!


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