Ways To Protect Your Pet From Fleas

Fleas feed on the blood of dogs and cats, causing intense itching and irritation. They can also affect people and other pets. Fleas are also important carriers of tapeworm in dogs and cats. 

In the past, flea eradication was made possible by foul-smelling products that contain potentially toxic chemicals. Today, advances in veterinary medicine have given rise to safer ways to protect pets against flea infestation. 

There are several types of flea products formulated to target various stages of the parasite’s lifecycle. Some are also used to treat not only the animal but also its environment. 

Some of the commonly used anti-flea preparations today include spot-on treatments, flea shampoo, rinses and sprays, collars, and powders; there are also products that prevent fleas from breeding, or make the female flea sterile thus preventing the formation of new eggs.

You can ask your veterinarian Webster, NY for an anti-flea medication that is safe for your pet.


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