Different Types of Mange in Dogs

Mange is a skin disease that is highly contagious to dogs. It can be passed from nursing mothers to their pups or passed between older dogs. Common signs of mange include hair loss and excessive itching. If you think your dog has something wrong with his skin or fur, please call your vet. There are different types of mange in canines. The first is localized which occurs when mites breed in one or two confined areas. This can cause isolated bald patches on the face. It is most common in puppies and can clear on its own. The second is generalized which affects larger areas of the dog’s body. In some cases a bacterial infection can develop causing itchy and smelly skin. Treatment depends on the age and breed of the canine. The third form is known as demodectic pododermatitis, which is most resistant and most often confined to the foot. Call your professional animal hospital Michigan City IN for more details. 


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