Secrets of an Outstanding Flea Prevention and Treatment Regimen

A successful flea prevention and treatment regimen is not just about using a popular flea product — it's more than that. In order to be effective, such a regimen must consist of a multi-pronged process that directly addresses all stages of a flea's lifecycle. The flea lifecycle can take anywhere from two or three weeks, to as long as six months to be completed. You must break this cycle to prevent a heavy flea infestation on your pets.

An adult female flea can lay as much as 50 eggs on a single day, and it lays them on your pet or it can do so in many places around your house. Understanding the flea and its lifecycle will enable you to know what are the weakest “links” of the cycle. Mature fleas feed on the blood of cats and dogs, and they also lay eggs on their skin. 

Since many anti-flea products only work for specific stage in the fleas’ lifecycle, you must work closely with your vets Las Vegas, NV so you can come up with a year-long flea prevention and treatment regimen for your pet.


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