How to Register Your Canine with the AKC

If you own a purebred canine like a Golden Retriever or King Charles Cavalier Spaniel then you may want to think about registering him with the American Kennel Club otherwise known as the AKC. Why? The AKC is a purebred registry for canines in the United States. It also promotes and supports sanctioned dog shows. If you have a purebred, registering him with the AKC can help grant you access to participating in those sanctioned shows. This means you can show in numerous competitions and earn points for year end awards. As a member of the AKC, you also get firsthand information regarding show schedules and assistance in prepping for shows including access to practice shows and competitions. Registration involves filling out the application and submitting it online with the required fees. You should receive a certificate of registration within three weeks. If you need additional paperwork regarding your dog’s breeding, ask your recommended  vet clinic Cherry Hill, NJ for assistance.


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