Neutering and Spaying Cats

De-sexing (specifically known as spaying for female cats and neutering for male cats) is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and therefore help curb the problem of cat overpopulation. These procedures also help get rid of undesirable cat behaviors like spray marking, restlessness, aggression, fighting, as well as night prowling. Many of these behaviors are shown by intact male cats.

Unknown to many cat owners, de-sexing is also effective in terms of serious cat diseases and problems that are related to their reproductive system. Cats can undergo these procedures at any time, however, the most recommended time is around 5 to 6 months of age (before sexual maturity) or before the female cat’s first heat.

For male cats, neutering is a quick procedure where the testicles are removed. Meanwhile, spaying is more complex because it's an internal procedure and involves the removal of the female cat's uterus plus the ovaries.

Your veterinarian Fort Myers, FL is a valuable source of information about pet neutering and spaying. 


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