Socializing Your Dog

Some veterinarians recommend that dog owners socialize their dog as a puppy as this can make the process smoother for the owner and the dog. Even if your dog is older he can still be socialized. The key for socializing your dog is patience. If you need assistance, give your vet a call and ask for tips on socialization in dogs. One way you can help socialize your dog is to take him on routine walks that will allow him to see and even meet other dogs. These walks can be teaching opportunities for your dog. He can learn about behavior around other dogs and around other people. If your dog growls, lunges, or pulls at the other dog or person, tell him to ‘heel’ and then ‘sit’. Make him stay by your side and sit still while the other dog passes. Your veterinary clinic Washington DC may tell you not to be afraid to walk away if the encounter doesn’t go well. Just try again later. 

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