Epilepsy in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can get epilepsy or seizures? Epilepsy is a disorder that affects the brain. It can happen to dogs of all breeds, sex and ages. It is said that the seizures that happen during epileptic episodes are generated from miscommunications of neurons in the brain. Sometimes this happens due to genetic conditions. Other reasons are not as clear. Seizures or epileptic activity is usually when your dog has sudden and controllable convulsions or spasms of the body. If this happens to your dog, make sure he can’t harm you and you can’t harm him. Wait for the seizure to pass and then assure your dog that he’s OK. Call your vet immediately to schedule an exam. Make sure you track the symptoms before and after the seizure and also note how long the seizure lasts. For additional information, please talk to your experienced veterinary clinic Jefferson IA area.


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