Understanding Diabetes in Cats

Your cat may suffer from diabetes if she has a shortage of insulin or her body can’t manage the insulin created. She can develop diabetes throughout her lifetime especially if she has ever been obese. Diabetes is manageable and your cat can live a normal life if this condition is diagnosed and treated properly. Untreated diabetes can cause other health issues that can lead to death such as kidney disease or neurological problems. Symptoms of diabetes include an increase or decrease in appetite, excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, lethargy and an unkempt look. These symptoms are common to other conditions so seek medical attention to get an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan. You may need to manage your cat’s diabetes with a change in diet or insulin injections. Your cat will need periodic blood work to ensure her blood sugar is at a proper level. For more information, contact your Roanoke, VA veterinarian.

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