Interesting Things to Know about the Garter Snake

Looking for a pet snake? Trying to stay budget minded in the process of buying a snake? You may want to check out the inexpensive Garter snake. This snake is often available directly from pet stores as well. The Garter snake is easy to keep and is a great choice for a first time snake owner. The snake can grow between four and six feet in length. It has a typical lifespan of about two years, but may live as long as four years. The Garter snake can be active and require a good deal of space in his tank for moving around. The tank should include a shallow dish of fresh water for soaking as well. Garter snakes can live in woodland terrarium or aqua terrarium. High humidity environments are a must so be sure to keep the tank between 68 and 75 degrees F. Consult with your animal hospital Derby for more information.


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