Treats for Gerbils

Looking to give your gerbil something special to go along with his usual daily food and snacks? Talk to your vet about treats that are suitable for gerbils. Remember, whatever is approved for your gerbil, make sure to feed it in moderation as it is just a treat and not the main meal. Suggested treats may include cheerios, rice crispies, apples, carrots, and even a little roughage like lettuce. Your vet can let you know if these will be OK for your gerbil or if you should try something else. Keep in mind that treats should be low in sugar and fat as these aren’t healthy for the little guys. When feeding treats, turn the time into a training lesson. You can bond with your gerbil and have a lot of fun with him when feeding treats and teaching tricks. For more information on foods that are safe for your gerbil, click here or call your pet clinic Wichita, KS.


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