Treating Seizures in Cats

Treatment for seizures in cats may depend largely in part to the actual causes of the seizures or underlying causes that may be found. Oftentimes, exact causes for uncontrolled convulsions or seizure activity is unknown. However, seizures may be the result of an illness present in the cat. If an illness is discovered then oftentimes treatment for that illness can help reduce the occurrence of seizures. Some experts believe the seizures happen as a result of neurons miscommunicating in the brain. The cause behind these miscommunications is either genetic or unknown. Talk to your vet about your cat’s seizures and any other symptoms your cat may have. Your vet will need to run tests to determine treatment. In some cases a medication to reduce seizures or affects of seizures may be available. For more information, click here or call your veterinarians Wichita, KS.


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