Is Purring A Sign Of Unhappiness In Cats?

Purring in cats can mean a lot of things. Cats may purr when they are scared, relaxed, hurt, ill, or sick, when female cats are in labor, when a mother cat is nursing her litter, when kittens are suckling on their mother’s milk, or when meeting an unfamiliar cat. Cats also purr when they are in pain, anxious, afraid, or nervous. Like people snoring, the purr of some cats can hardly be heard and you may only know it when you place a hand gently on the cat’s chest or throat. But for some cats, purring just might not be their thing. However, if your kitty is a ‘purrer’ and suddenly don’t purr as much or altogether stops doing it, he may be under an extreme amount of stress or worse, suffering from an underlying health issue that needs prompt medical intervention. If you notice your pet displaying symptoms of illness like vomiting, diarrhea, limping, inappropriate elimination, etc., get to the vet clinic London, ON immediately.

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