Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Bodies of Water

If you plan to enjoy a much-awaited holiday with your pet around any  form of water body, you must remember a few safety reminders. 

During  the summer months, algal blooms proliferate around lakes and rivers.  You should look out for blue-green algae and keep your dog away from  them because they are toxic. 

Other bodies of water to  avoid include any water body with stagnant water, as well as lakes and  rivers with chemically-treated water (usually near a factory). Before  you head out to a swimming pool, lake or other water body, do a research  about it and the surrounding area, so you can be aware of potential  health risks and decide accordingly. 

Make sure the water  is clean and watch out for things like jellyfish (which can be deadly).  Use a leash to prevent your dog from straying too far away and doing any  scavenging. 

Bring extra bottles of water so you can keep  your pet hydrated, and you can use some to wash off any salt or  chemicals on your dog. 

Lastly, speak to your vet London, ON for your pet’s vaccines or for a thorough checkup before you and your pet go on a holiday.


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