Do Cats Need Dental Visits?

Yes, your cat may need to have routine dental visits to maintain clean, healthy teeth and gums. Your cat’s overall health and wellness includes taking care of the teeth. This means you may need to brush your cat’s teeth yourself on a daily basis or every few days each week. This can help cut down plaque and tartar buildup. Feeding your cat dry food or crunchy treats can also help breakdown food and keep tartar and plaque from forming. Your vet can help you figure these prevention steps out. He may also suggest that your cat have a professional dental cleaning every six to twelve months. At these cleanings, plaque can be scraped off the teeth and any infected teeth can be removed. Your vet can also treat areas that may need antibiotics, extra cleaning, or simply a watchful eye. Call and schedule a dental checkup with your recommended animal hospital Mt. Airy MD.


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