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Shedding In Pet Reptiles

Reptiles undergo a process of periodic shedding which is a normal physiological process. There are really no major problems associated with shedding in reptiles, but there are instances when there are specific issues that reptiles have to deal with as they shed off their old skin.

Since young reptiles are still growing, they undergo shedding more frequently than adults. Snakes usually shed off their skin in one long piece while bearded dragons and iguanas shed off skin in several pieces. Iguanas generally shed monthly while there are reptiles that shed every couple of months. Low humidity is an important predisposing factor of incomplete shedding in reptiles. Thus, if humidity inside a pet snake’s enclosure is not maintained, shedding may be in several pieces. To increase humidity, regular misting of the enclosure should be made.

In case your pet reptile does not shed for more than four months, a visit to your veterinarian Marietta GA will certainly help address this concern.


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