Treats for Llamas

If you’ve owned livestock, farm animals, etc. then you probably slip your ‘kids’ a snack or treat every now and again. Afterall, they are your crew and you like to build a relationship with them and food usually helps. Carrots for horses, fruits and veggies for cows, but what about llamas? What kind of treats do llamas enjoy? Llamas like to browse the fields and graze off and on. They thrive on pasture grass and hay or a hay supplement. They live on forage like horses and cows, but they also like a change in foods and often enjoy treats. Some llamas have been known to clear blackberry brush like goats do. Llamas like to eat a variety of fruits and veggies. You can find specialized blends of llama treats at the grain store as well. Whatever you choose to feed your llama, make sure you check with your reputed veterinary clinic Westminster MD first.


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