Your Cat's Ability to See in the Dark

Your cat can see better than most animals including humans, but she can’t see in total darkness. Cats in the wild hunt between dusk and dawn so their eyes evolved to see in this light low to gain a hunting advantage. Your domestic cat has these advantage too. Your cat’s eyes are very large in comparison to her head for better light gathering. Even more light is let in when the irises in your cat’s eyes opens very wide. Her eyes also have a higher percentage of light-sensitive cells on her retinas than most animals including humans. There is an area in the back of your cat’s eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This highly reflective area is found in cats and other animals that need to see well at night including deer and raccoon. This reflective area glows at night when caught in a car’s headlights. Learn more from your pet clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL. Schedule an appointment today!


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