How to Treat Your Cat for Heartworms

The best way to treat your cat for heartworms is to treat her before she gets heartworms. All cats, whether they live indoors or outdoors, should be on a monthly heartworm prevention medication to protect against heartworms from even causing your cat harm. Prevention medication usually comes in the form of a pill or an injection. Your cat should be tested regularly for heartworms by your vet. If your cat is positive then aggressive treatment will be needed. Sadly, the treatment for heartworms in cats may not be as affective as treatment for heartworms in dogs. In addition, cats are harder to identify as ill because they show very few symptoms of heartworm disease from the start. Testing is often the only way to discover the disease. Just a few heartworms in cats can do as much damage as hundreds of heartworms in dogs. Consult with your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO about heartworm prevention and treatment. 

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