Signs Of A Broken Leg In Dogs

Fractures are generally classified as open or closed fractures. With open fractures, the signs are pretty obvious because the skin is split open and there is a leg bone protruding from where it’s broken. Bleeding is present and may be profuse in a number of cases. The dog will also suffer from a significant amount of pain. On the other hand, the only symptoms that you may see in dogs with closed fractures is limping or favoring a leg; in some instances, the dog may refuse to walk.  

Other signs of a broken leg in dogs include the following: 

  • The leg appears twisted at an awkward angle. 
  • Swelling may be present 
  • Holding one leg up when the dog tries to walk 
  • Bruising of the area 
  • There may be a grinding or pupping sound on the affected leg bone 
  • Abnormal movement of the leg 
  • Whining, howling, or whimpering in pain 
  • Refusal to play or climb even a short flight of stairs 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Aggression 

Any sign indicating that your dog’s leg may be broken should be brought to the attention of a veterinarian Metairie, LA.

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