Signs You Should Leave Your Cat Alone

Just because you want to pet your cat and cuddle with him on your lap doesn’t mean he wants to! Here are a few signs you should leave your cat alone instead.

If your cat starts twitching his tail or he pulls his ears back, he’s giving you the first signs that he’s had enough. The next sign might be a scratch or a bite, so it’s a good idea to leave him alone.

Some cat’s may tolerate being woken up for some cuddle time, but most would prefer that they be left alone. You can pet your cat when he wakes up.

If you have a finicky or sensitive cat, it’s a good idea to let him come to you instead. To make sure your cat isn’t sick, and that’s why he’s acting antisocial, schedule an appointment with your pet clinic Murrieta, CA. 

Ask your Vineyard Veterinary Hospital for further information.


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