Grooming Needs Of Labradoodles

Regular grooming can go a long way in keeping the haircoat of labradoodles clean and shiny. The cross-breeding between Labrador retrievers and standard poodles have resulted in 2 coat varieties — a fleece hair coat that’s similar to the curly coat of poodles and a straight hair coat. Your labradoodle will also benefit from regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, and toothbrushing. Like other canine breeds, they can also develop ear infections as well as tooth and gum problems. Although the breed is often recognized to be hypoallergenic, there can be variation between dogs which is brought about by their crossbred origins. 

Allergies to dogs are often triggered by canine skin dander, and not by a dog’s fur or hair as commonly thought. When the hair follicle is shed, skin dander sloughs along with it. This is another reason why low-shedders are though to be allergy-friendly. 

You should make an appointment with your animal hospital Roanoke, VA if your dog exhibits excessive shedding and/or an unhealthy-looking hair coat.


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