How Demodicosis In Cats Is Diagnosed

The mites that cause demodicosis in cats, Demodex sp., can easily be identified under the microscope. There are several techniques that veterinarians use to identify the mites. One of the most common techniques is performing a skin scrape. A dull scalpel blade is used to scrape off layers of skin cells until there is slight bleeding. The scraped skin samples are then examined under the microscope. 

Other techniques for demodicosis diagnosis involve plucking hair samples from an affected cat for microscopic examination, ear cytology, and skin biopsy. The possibility of a false-negative result is always present as there may only be a few mites and they could be missed when cell and tissue samples were gathered. 

In some cases, an underlying illness can suppress the immune system of cats suffering from generalized demodicosis. Laboratory testing is often required to determine whether or not the cat has an underlying health issue. 

If your pet has been diagnosed to be infested with Demodex mites, consult your veterinarian Metairie, LA about treatment options for your cat.


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