Causes Of Dental Issues In Rabbits

There are various issues that can affect the oral cavity of rabbits. The top reasons include abscesses, incisor malocclusion, split or broken tooth, spurs on cheek teeth, foreign bodies, and infection of the tooth root and/or bone. Checking your pet rabbit’s mouth regularly can help in the early detection of any issues which can go a long way in the prognosis. The teeth of rabbits don’t stop growing thus they need to munch on fiber day in and day out, without which, their molars can grow too long and soon curve back in to the rabbit’s tongue or cheek which can be very painful. When teeth become overgrown, they can start hitting each other paving the way for inflammation especially around the roots of the teeth. Without proper intervention, this can eventually lead to infection and abscess which can be a challenge to treat. 

Do speak with your veterinarian Flat Rock, NC about your pet’s dental health and how to protect them from tooth and gum issues. Visit this website Kanuga Animal Clinic for more information.


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