Why Do Cats Dip Their Paws Into Their Water Bowl?

Have you ever noticed your pet cat dipping his paw into the water bowl? Here are two reasons why cats engage in this habit: 

  • Cats don’t like their whiskers getting into contact with the sides of  their water bowl. Their whiskers are primary sensory organs with nerve  endings at their base. Cats depend on their whiskers to learn more about  their environment and helping them navigate through narrow spaces or in  the dark. Since their whiskers are ultra-sensitive, whisker fatigue can  develop when there is frequent contact with the bowl.  
  • Cats prefer to drink from moving water. They possess a strong instinct  to avoid stagnant water because of the possibility of bacteria and other  toxic substances that may be present in it. Thus, many prefer to drink  from water that is moving, such as a running faucet or water fountain.  If these are not available, a cat may dip his paw in the water to create  ripples before drinking.  

Sudden changes in your pet’s drinking habits should be checked out by a vet care Lexington, KY.


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