Itchy Conditions In Cats That Cause Over-Grooming

One of the primary reasons why cats engage in over-grooming is  intense itching. Finding out the underlying cause why your cat feels  itchy should be the first step in addressing the issue so the  appropriate treatment can be given. Some medical conditions that can  cause cats to over-groom include: 

  • Flea allergy - Fleas  are very common parasites of cats. Even indoor-only cats get them. Some  cats, however, are hypersensitive to the saliva of fleas. Even a single  bite or two of a flea can cause them to experience intense itching.  
  • Mites - Mites are important reasons for itching in cats. The most  common mites t hat affect cats include scabies, demodex, and ear mites.   
  • Lice - Cat-specific lice feed on the blood of their hosts and in the process cause intense itching. 
  • Allergies - In addition to flea allergies, there are other types of  allergic reactions in which itching is a prominent symptom. These  include food allergy, inhalant allergy, and contact allergy.  
  • Fungal infections - Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects many  cats. It’s zoonotic so humans can acquire it from infected pets or vice  versa.  
  • Bacterial infections - Allergies or wounds can  become favorable grounds for secondary bacterial infection which can  also be a cause of intense itching.  

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