Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Dehydrated

There are several ways you can do at home to determine if your cat is dehydrated. First, you may perform a skin tent test which involves gently pulling on the loose skin between the cat’s shoulder blades. In well-dehydrated cats, the skin bounces back immediately once your hold on the skin is released. Other ways to tell if your cat is dehydrated include the following: 

  • Check out your pet’s eyes. A cat that is dehydrated appears to have eyes that sunk into the sockets . The cat’s eyes also looks dull and not shiny. 
  • Check your pet’s gums. Pink and moist gums indicate that a cat is well-hydrated. Dry gums that feel sticky to the touch indicate potential dehydration. Next use your finger to push lightly on the cat’s gum. The blanched area that appears on the surface of the gum should return to pink in 1-2 seconds to indicate that the cat is well-hydrated. It may indicate dehydration when it takes longer to return to a pinkish color. 
  • Take a closer look at the cat’s saliva. Well-hdyrated cats have thin saliva that is hardly noticeable. But when a cat is dehydrated, the saliva appears thick and ropey. 
  • Check the cat’s poop. Dehydration can cause constipation. You may see several small pieces of hard stool in the litter box or none at all. 

Call a vet clinic New Orleans, LA if your pet is showing signs of dehydration.


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