Feeding Your Iguana

Your iguana needs a varied diet to keep healthy and happy. He is an herbivore so never feed him meat or products that contain meat. The main food in your iguana’s diet should be leafy green vegetables. Ensure that these vegetables are of high nutritional value such as kale, spinach or parsley. Avoid low nutritional greens such as iceberg lettuce. Your iguana will also enjoy other crunchy vegetables such as green beans, pea pods and sweet peppers. Small pieces of fruit such as banana, apple, papaya slices can provide a welcome treat. Monitor fruit intake to avoid digestive issues. Your iguana needs to be fed daily. Experiment with the amount of food to establish the appropriate quantity for your iguana. Your iguana is cold-blooded so turn on the heat lamps to warm him up before mealtime. To keep uneaten food from spoiling, remove it promptly when your iguana is done eating. Learn more from your pet clinic Greater Cincinnati.


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