Shelter Volunteers

If you’re not sure about bringing a dog into your home and life or you can’t have a dog for some reason, don’t let that keep you from playing and hanging out with your canine friends. One way to stay around dogs is to volunteer at a local shelter. Shelters need lots of volunteers to help exercise their dogs, clean kennels, clean outside play areas, and assist in other shelter activities. Not only does it give you the opportunity to be around your favorite four-legged friends, but it can be a great help to the shelter. Not sure if there are shelters in your area? Go online and search or contact your vet and ask for references. You never know, you may find your forever friend at the shelter and one day bring him home. Go ahead and give your veterinary clinic Plano, TX a call for shelter references. You’ll be glad you did. Visit their site for additional information.


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