Ways To Prevent Vitamin C Deficiency In Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need to consume a complete and balanced diet that contains vitamin C to meet the daily needs of their bodies. While unlimited grass hay is necessary, it should be supplemented with a high-quality pellet that has been enriched with a stabilized form of vitamin C. This can help ensure that your guinea pig is getting enough vitamin c every day. 

The problem with vitamin C in pellets is that it can be destabilized with improper storage. Temperature and humidity can affect the stability of vitamin C. Proper storage is important to ensure that vitamin C remains available to the guinea pigs. 

Fruits and vegetables are also important sources of vitamin C aside from pellets. But these sources are not created equal. Know which ones are packed with vitamin C less the sugar, acid, calcium, and other nutrients. 

You can also inquire from your trusted vets Ashburn VA about what fruits and vegetables you can give to your guinea pig.


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