Treating Vomiting In Cats

Mild acute vomiting in cats are often treated at home, especially when affected acts are eating, drinking, and appear active and healthy. Your veterinarian may recommend withholding food for at least 24 hours. Offer water frequently in small amounts. After 24 hours, if vomiting doesn’t worsen or increase in frequency and the cat acts normal, offer a bland diet of boiled chicken or turkey with the skin removed. If your cat stops vomiting, add some of his normal food to boiled chicken in increasing amounts over a 5-7 day period. Keeping your cat well-hydrated while he is vomiting is very important to prevent dehydration. Encourage your cat to drink by offering fresh water in clean water bowls, kitty water fountains, feeding canned pet food, or offering some low-sodium chicken broth. 

However, if vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea, fever, lethargy, etc. you should seek immediate veterinary attention. Don’t delay in bringing your pet to your best animal clinic San Antonio, TX immediately.


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