Shedding And Hairballs In Ferrets - Tips To Reduce Hairballs

Hairballs are common causes of vomiting in ferrets. Cases are  unusually high during the shedding season in late fall through spring.  During this time, heavy shedding occurs. This is especially true for pet  ferrets living under natural light cycles. But ferrets that live  indoors where their immediate environment is kept lighted until 9 pm or  later every night throughout the year, tend to have unpredictable  shedding periods. Like cats, ferrets do groom themselves. While  grooming, they can swallow loose hair. If your pet ferret is shedding,  daily brushing can help get rid of loose hairs before they can be  swallowed. You should also make a habit of picking up loose hair from   your pet’s bedding, which is also an important source of loose hair that  can be swallowed by ferrets. A once- or twice-weekly shampoo can also  be done for the same purpose. Changing of the ferret’s bedding should be  done more than usual during periods of shedding. Your pet’s enclosure  and play areas should be vacuumed.   

If your pet ferret  frequently vomits because of hair balls, it’s time to make an  appointment with your best pet clinic Castle Hills TX.


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