Why Is My Dog Chewing Its Feet?

Dogs that are suffering from pain, itching, or discomfort tend to  chew the part of their body where the problem is located. But sometimes,  persistent chewing can be a behavioral problem. Dogs that chew their  feet may be suffering from an allergy, which is the most common cause of  the behavior. Your do gmay have walked on surfaces where allergens may  be present causing their feet to become irritated.  Also chewing and  licking at their itchy and irritated feet gives them a good feeling.  Sometimes, food chewing can also be caused by a food allergy. In this  case, your veterinarian Castle Hills TX  may recommend switching your  pet to a hypoallergenic diet to see if symptoms disappear. Sometimes,  there may be a foreign body embedded in the dog’s paws causing  inflammation and infection. Ticks in between the dog’s paw pads may also cause a dog to chew it feet in an effort to find relief from the pain and discomfort. Schedule an appointment today!


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