Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Hydrated

Did you know that it’s important to keep your rabbit hydrated in both the warmer and colder months? During the colder months the air can become dry which can cause dehydration in your rabbit. During the warmer months, the air may not be as dry, but the heat can drain your rabbit and dehydrate him. Your rabbit needs to have access to fresh water all day and all night. A five pound rabbit is said to need as much water as a twenty-five pound dog. You can help ensure he has water by providing him with a couple of water bottles on the cage. Water bowls are not suggested as your rabbit may dump then over and then be out of water until you come to fill it again. Rabbits that don’t stay hydrated for more than 24 hours can become seriously ill. Click to learn more or call your veterinary clinic Pasadena, MD.


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