Low Quality Pet Food Can Cause Diarrhea In Cats

Pet foods are not created equal. There are premium quality pet food and there are the inferior generic ones. When buying pet food, never compromise quality with quantity. You may be paying a little bit higher for premium pet food but you are sure what wholesome ingredients are used and the formulation has been created by pet nutritionists while adhering to the policies issued by the AAFCO. Premium pet food are formulated for a cat’s specific lifestage, activity level, lifestyle, or health status. 

On the other hand, low-quality pet food contain a lot of fillers which are potential pathogens. Many contain a significant amount of rendered ingredients, such as animal skin, eyes, beaks and feathers of birds, hooves, etc. While these ingredients are classified as proteins, they are of poor quality and may cause cats to have an upset stomach. 

Do consult your professional veterinarians Leesburg VA about your pet’s nutritional needs and how to meet them appropriately.


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