Picking Up After your Cat

Did you know that it’s recommended that you pick up after your cat? This is true especially if you walk your cat on a leash and harness. You can take a plastic shopping bag, Ziploc bag, or even poop/potty bags with you to pick up after your cat. If your cat just walks around the yard or neighborhood then try to take note at least once or twice a week of places where your cat has pooped and simply pick it up. It’s nice to be considerate of your neighbors. After all, you don’t want them to complain about cat poop in their yard or even call the police on you for not keeping your cat in your own yard. If you pick up after your cat there’s less chance of causing any trouble. You can also take a scooper on a long stick around your own yard and scoop up the excess cat poop. For more tips, click to call your veterinary clinic Portland, OR.

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