Fun Facts about the Basset Hound

Did you know that the Basset Hound is related the bloodhound? The Basset’s ability to track a scent is second only to the bloodhound, which means he’s at the top of the scent hound elites. Hard to believe since the Basset is also known for his stubbornness and laid back nonchalant disposition. The Basset Hound originated in France as a scent hound. He is one of six recognized basset breeds in France. His name in French means ‘rather low’ as his hound stands less than 15 inches in height. Don’t let his short legs fool you though. He is heavy boned and short legged, but has powerful paws and is bred for endurance. He can move when he wants to. Among other traits, the Basset is widely known for his sad eyes, dome shaped head, wrinkled brow and smooth, long ears. He is one of the most recognizable canine breeds. For more fun facts, give your veterinarians Pleasanton, CA a call.


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